Your e-commerce store on mobile

Turn your e-commerce store into a m-commerce app.Offer your products on a range of mobile devices.

Build Your Apps

Enter your store settings, including company address, payment gateway, shipping and tax rates. You can also select what language and currency you would like to use.

Add Your Products

You can add and manage products directly via the MF Bzone-Cart website or by uploading a .CSV file. If you're a little more technical, you can also use our powerful API.
If you already have a website, you can automatically import all your products.

MF Bzone-Cart Puts Your Storefront in Your Customer's Pocket

Allow your customers to shop from their mobile devices with your own dedicated native app and utilize advanced features like Apple Pay.
With a native ecommerce app your customers can use all the built-in mobile features available on their devices like push notifications, geolocation, Apple Pay or Android Pay so you can increase your sales and stay in thumb's reach.

Mobile Apps are Essential

The web is becoming mobile and the window to mobile is the mobile app. With MF Bzone-Cart automatically creates and publishes a native mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play for you.
Bootstrap-based responsive design out of the box. A single skin provides optimal performance on all types of devices, from cell and tablet to widescreen desktop.

Mobile eCommerce (m-commerce)

Mobile eCommerce (or m-commerce, as many call it) is undergoing rapid growth, and only the best shopping cart software allows you to take advantage of this growing eCommerce market. Responsive Web design uses device detection or feature detection to serve CSS or HTML depending on which device is requesting a page. This is a far more efficient solution than creating an entirely new .mobi domain for mobile devices.

Mobile eCommerce Web design help the Customer to Purchase Products

Mobile eCommerce Web design helps to improve the buying experience on smaller devices. While many new devices do a good job of rendering traditional web pages, it may be that your online store stands to benefit by using responsive Web design.