Multi-Vendor Software For Shopping system

One of the top shopping cart in ecommerce industry, MF Bzone Cart offering multiple vendor shopping cart system in its hosted & licensed professional packages to help store owners to manage more than one vendors by providing their own user panels, so they can manage their products line, order management, fulfillment, shipping, returns & payouts independently.

Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

Multi-Vendor is an extended MF Bzone-Cart software that enables you to create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can manage sales of their own products through one common web store.
Price: $1260 (lifetime)

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Multiple Vendor Shopping Cart Solutions

MF Bzone Cart multi vendor shopping cart software solutions give freedom to store owners so they can keep everything in budget and control for store administration and get rid all manual work involved in vendor management with comprehensive independent vendor shopping cart software's personal administration panel with easy to use and easy to manage tools for evaluation of their products performance.
Multi-Vendor is the perfect solution for web stores with multiple independent vendors and virtual shopping malls with many separate departments. It provides the multi-vendor functionality allowing different vendors to sell and manage their own products in a common storefront.
This package has all the features of MF Bzone Cart Single Store Shopping Cart along with following value added multi vendor features:

  • Single Checkout for multiple vendor products
  • Multiple warehouse shipping calculations
  • Vendor separate admin
  • Vendor can manage its own products, shipping, fulfillment & reports
  • Commission/Profit margin feature for store ownerVendor could manage more than warehouse for shipping
  • One window OperationsOne Order with multiple vendor products
  • Vendor Account Management Payment processing & Payouts
  • Specific shipment settings and Monitoring & reporting

Multiple Vendors, Single Storefront

Products from multiple independent vendors appear in the common product catalog and your website visitors do shop at one web store even if your products are supplied by hundred of different vendors from all over the world.

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Separate Admin Area for Each Vendor

Each vendor is provided with a separate admin panel to manage own settings and products. Vendors will not interfere with each other's activity.

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Products from Multiple Vendors in One Order

Your customers' shopping cart can contain products from several vendors, but they will still place one order and pay only once. For proper tracking such order will be then automatically divided into several ones.

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Common Payment Processing

The money goes to the merchant account of the root store administrator who then manually distributes funds among the vendors according to the history of orders, which is tracked and managed separately for each provider.

The root administrator has full access to the store setting and the products sold by the vendors. So, you can fully control what is added to your product catalog and pre-moderate your vendor's activity if required.
Each vendor can configure own shipping methods and buyers whose orders contains items from several vendors select vendor-specific shipping options at checkout.